Make your experiences accessible to all

The creation of accessible experiences goes beyond checking a list and relying on third-party tools to evaluate and implement accessibility. Ensuring accessibility requires a unique intersection of knowledge and technical expertise, including the mastery of accessibility principles and guidelines, technical depth and a thorough understanding of key elements of human-centered design.

Accessibility maximizes your customer base, supports SEO best practices and reduces legal risk. Through our Accessibility offering, you can be sure your digital presence and products are usable and appeal to as many people as possible, across the wide spectrum of physical, cognitive and sensory abilities.

We believe accessibility is not merely an obligation or requirement, but that it is foundational for truly customer-centered businesses.

Our Services

Accessibility Oversight

Our team’s deep customer experience and technical backgrounds allow us to provide a wide range of oversight and accessible recommendations for all phases of in-flight digital project work, including project planning, content creation, design, development and quality assurance.

Full Testing & Review

Our team follows a multi-pass review process of full manual and automated reviews of websites, Android and iOS apps using best-in-class tools and a variety of assistive technologies to document an experience’s conformance with accessibility guidelines and legal standards.

Education & Training

We offer a wide range of training and education materials and opportunities that equip individuals and teams with the right level of knowledge to support the growth and development of your organization’s accessibility program.

Program Management

Successful management of accessibility throughout an organization requires effective planning, policy development and monitoring strategies. We work with your teams to create tailored accessibility policies, statements and roadmaps to enhance your organization’s accessibility maturity.

Simplifying School Lunches For All Families

Our client asked us to review the accessibility of their platform and create a report with recommendations for a path toward full conformance with WCAG 2.0 A and AA guidelines. Our team reviewed the platform using automated tools and performed manual reviews with a keyboard only and a screen reader.

The resulting accessibility report identified the conformance issues and paired them with remediation recommendations, including new code examples to demonstrate conformant implementation. The team walked through the report and worked collaboratively with the platform product team to discuss the findings, recommendations and technical implementation options to help them prioritize and quickly implement improvements to the accessibility of their platform.

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Caitlyn Mayers

Caitlyn Mayers

Senior Manager

Serving as an Accessibility Subject Matter Expert, Caitlyn is a passionate advocate of Accessibility and Inclusive Design practices. She empowers and coaches digital teams to build meaningful and usable digital experiences for all and holds a CPACC certification from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

Virginia Booth

Virginia Booth

Senior Manager

Virginia has over 10 years experience as a UX Team Lead and Architect, collaborating with all project roles from brief through launch. Passionate about making the web a better place, Virginia incorporates Accessibility into each step of her teams’ process, including design and development checkpoints.