CapTech Manager David Moore recently sat down for Episode 154 of SQL Data Partners Podcast to discuss CapTech's approach to test-driven development and automated testing. Moore is a senior software engineer for CapTech who also has expertise in Big Data, data warehousing, and application development.

In the podcast, he points out that CapTech's agile method makes the testing and development process easier and allows you to respond to change more effectively and more quickly.

David discusses the agile process that he and the CapTech team adopted and implemented for a recent client. While moving from waterfall development to agile involves a culture change and a learning curve, the reduction in time (from weeks to 10 minutes) for code pushes into production is greatly worth the effort.

To run his tests, David used tSQLt, an open source Database Unit Testing framework for SQL Server, which he discusses in the podcast in greater detail along with the principles of automated testing.

In the SQL Data Server podcast, host Carlos L Chacon and guests discuss a variety of SQL Server related topics mixed with a talk about professional development.